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Change starts with unity of vision.

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About Us

Phakamani 'Arise' is a registered Christian community-based non-profit organization founded in 2015. Motivated by Isaiah 60 vs 1-2, we currently target children and Church leaders. Our vision is to see our children educated and fully developed able to bring positive transformation in their families and communities in general. We also envision skilled competent servant leaders, empowering others for effective ministry in the local church and market place. To realize our vision, we partner with different churches in various parts of Zimbabwe.

Our Mission

To eradicate poverty and restore dignity and worth to the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children by providing access to sustainable long term educational support and address other developmental needs leading to sustainability. We empower children through partnering with local churches by creating healthy environments that help strengthen the capacity of the most vulnerable in the community. Our approach is holistic in that it focuses on meeting the physical, spiritual and social needs. Furthermore we empower Church leadership through inclusive and interactive modern training approaches.

Our Values

Hope: Because of various challenges faced in Zimbabwe, we empower church leaders and release young people out of their hopeless situations. Each project empowers, facilitates restoration of their dignity and identity in helping them reach their God given potential.

Accountability: As we work alongside families, church, schools, our supporters and partners, we value honesty, excellence and feedback. This gives room for open learning and correction from a relationship based point of view. Transparency with a just and equitable use of resources is vital to us.

Dignity: We give high value and respect to every individual and their families as we believe that all people are made in the image of God. Each person matters irrespective of gender, race, religion and ethnicity. We give them room to fully participate and be involved in decision making.

Holistic: We acknowledge that poverty is a cycle and trap as well. Our approach emphasizes on addressing the social, spiritual and physical need in an individual leading to release and self-reliance.

Diversity: The world is ever changing with various local and global dynamics. We value input from other people and open learning through global and local partnerships. Emphasis is on grassroots leadership so that the locals are helped to help themselves.

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